Bulk technologies

BulkTechPack International provides full-service and support covering all technical aspects of containerized dry bulk shipping, handling and transportation. With a comprehensive technical back ground within the industry, BulkTechPack International provides assessment to clients and material handling equipment required, to load and unload containers with dry bulk commodities.

No matter the means of transportation utilized, our team at BulkTechPack International assists with the development of dry bulk handling equipment and technical solutions such as:

Dry bulk handling equipment

  • Screw and belt conveyor systems
  • Belt thrower systems
  • Mobile rotary valve systems
  • Mobile discharge systems

Dry bulk transport equipment

  • Self Discharge Units
  • Purpose build dry bulk containers
  • Bulk container liner systems

At BulkTechPack International, we take efficiency and optimization of containerized dry bulk to a whole new level, ensuring a successful silo-to-silo supply chain!

On-site training

BulkTechPack International assists their clients by providing a representative for on-site training. We train staff to safely operate dry bulk handling equipment, (bulk) container inspection, preparation and bulk liner installations.

BulkTechPack International can also support with a representative at the unloading site , to train and to assist all procedures are being followed, to ensure a safe and successful delivery process!

Logistic consultant

Drawing from a 30 year supply chain expertise and industry knowledge, BulkTechPack International helps clients to optimize their dry bulk supply chain operations and technical processes.
In collaboration with our clients, we develop tailormade solutions and offer hands on support for streamlining your dry bulk supply chain management. For further details about dry bulk technologies, on-site training and consultant opportunities, please contact us at BulkTechPack International.