With the ability to connect continents by using intermodal concepts, containerized dry bulk transport has become an interesting and cost effective transport concept. Compared to traditional road bulk transport, containerized dry bulk is reducing logistical costs and does give less environmental impact.

To protect your free flowing dry bulk cargo during intermodal transport, it is essential container bulk liners are used.
The container bulk liner protects dry bulk products from contamination and safeguard the integrity of the commodities carried, such as dry granular, flaked, pellet or powder products.

BulkTechPack International designs high quality container bulk liners, from food grade virgin LLDPE film or in woven PP/ HDPE fabric.

In collaboration with our clients, BulkTechPack International container bulk liners are designed and tailored to meet the clients precise individual requirements.

We can implement innovative features like inflatable air bags, fluidizing pads, integrated venting systems, tailormade loading funnels, safety sheets, sample features and tailormade discharge sleeves, all in order to guarantee the best possible protection and to optimize your dry bulk handling process. We provide a container bulk liner to suit your requirements!


All container bulk liners are manufactured and tested in ISO9001 / ISO22000 quality assured production plants.

To ensure the highest quality performance and reliability, strict QA procedures and controls are in place and followed, to test raw materials of suppliers and to examine and test the finished products.